Detailed Eye Screening

Consultation from $130.
Eyes are the window to the beauties and wonders of the world. Eyes are to last for life. Our eyes are priceless and we will never trade them for anything else but they should not cost you your arm and leg. That is why we want to give you all the information you need to make a well-informed decision for your eyes.
Many eye diseases and eye issues don’t show any symptoms. At Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre, we have the capacity to conduct a full eye examination for you so that we can detect any eye conditions early on that may be treatable to prevent loss of vision. Detailed eye examinations on a regular basis will not only improve your vision, but will also detect diseases like Cataract and Glaucoma and other complications.
Early detection is important to the health of your eyes. The following services are carried out at your first consultation at our Eye Centre.
1. Auto-refraction (to check for refractive errors and prescription for spectacles and contact lenses)
2. Tonometry (to check for eye pressure and Glaucoma)
3. Pentacam Scan (to get a 3-dimensional image of the eye)
4. Visual Acuity (to test the clarity of vision)
5. Slit Lamp Test
6. First Consultation With Our Ophthalmologists