Eye Floaters are spots in your vision caused by aging of the vitreous gel inside the eye. Although they are often benign, they can cause disturbance to the vision by casting shadows on the retina and appearing as black specks, strings or cobwebs. They may sometimes be associated with retinal tears which require Argon Laser treatment to prevent retinal detachment. Dr Natasha Lim is a pioneer surgeon in laser vitreolysis therapy for floaters. Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre uses the ELLEX Tango Reflex Laser machine from USA to treat problematic floaters.

Laser Floater Removal ( LFR )

LFR is a non-invasive procedure that can treat visual disturbance caused by eye floaters. LFR applies nanosecond pulses of laser light to evaporate vitreous opacities (floaters), converting them into gas, resulting in their removal / reduction in size.

Vision with floaters

Vision without floaters
Vision with cloud floaters

vision with coweb floaters
Vision with weiss ring floaters

Vision without floaters

Authored by: Dr Natasha Lim