What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is an age related condition of the eye, due to which there is an impairment in vision of aged people.

Lens Implant Surgery:

Patients who have a cataract in their eyes need not necessarily wait for years together for it to harden and mature before they decide to undergo a correctional surgery. With advanced technology in the medical ophthalmic technology and skills, soft cataracts can easily and safely be treated without any complications. The cataract can be removed and the corrective refraction changes can be made during the same surgery. Some of the conditions that can be corrected are myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia and astigmatism can be corrected.

At Dr. Natasha Lim Eye Centre, only procedures and techniques that are scientifically proven and time tested, with excellent success rates are followed. The first step is the assessment of the patients to see if there is an existing cataract. If in case of a cataract, the patient has an option to choose between multi focal or a mono focal lens implants, which when implanted during the surgery can remove all refractive errors in the lens of the eyes. This means that you do not have to use spectacles after the surgery.

The cataract surgery, which corrects all refractive errors and conditions, is a simple and successful surgery that takes about fifteen minutes. This surgery is performed under local Anastasia, which is used for simple procedures.


Multi Focal Lens Technology:

These special lens are engineered to provide a distant focus and near focus at the same time. These lens are similar to wearing “progressive” spectacles which allows all – near, intermediate and far focus. This lens prevents one from using spectacles at any point of time after the surgery. Within a couple of days based on individuals, the brain will neuro-adapt to the multi focal vision system by the lens.

Mono Focal Lens:

When both the natural lens show the presence of cataract, patients usually go in for the mono focal lens, i.e. in one eye, the lens for near vision focus is implanted and in the other eye, the distant vision lens in implanted. The neuro adaptation of the brain to the mono focal lens usually take 1-2 weeks, after which the person learns to adapt to mono vision lens. Once adjusted to it, the patient is unaware about which lens is being used and vision is restored.

At Dr. Natasha Lim Eye Centre, aspheric high definition mono focal lens are used so that crystal clear vision is offered to the patients. These lens provide excellent color contrast sensitivity and high quality vision.

These high quality HD lens are especially helpful to patients who have additional conditions such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. The HD lens forms the best possible clear image on the surface of the retina.

Lasik Surgery:

Younger patients with presbyopia, but who do not have the presence of cataracts should opt for the LASIK surgery. In this procedure, laser is used to correct the shape of the lens so that perfect vision is restored.

Contact lens is not approved for patients above 45 years of age, and so LASIK surgery is the best option.