Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre.

Dr Natasha Lim received Top Entrepreneur Awards 2015

Dr Natasha Lim spent most of her life in London and UK before returning to Singapore in 2008. Dr Lim made a breakthrough by providing better medical care, improving her consultation and communication skills with patients and achieving high quality results for patients.
After many years in the medical industry, Dr Lim chose the entrepreneurial path to set up her own clinic – Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre, to continue providing highly-skilled professional treatments and advanced technology options. In addition, participates in charities like “Keeping Hope Alive”.
Going against all odds, Dr Lim’s positive outlook to embrace challenges has helped her gained strong recommendations and referrals from satisfied patients, and thrive in the highly competitive environment. Thus, lead to Dr Lim being awarded the “Promising SME 500 2014 Business Luminary Award” (SME 500 publication here) and “The Top Entrepreneur 2015” in two consecutive years (Top Entrepreneur publication  here).
Dr Natasha Lim is a member of the “Keeping Hope Alive” Charitable Organisation. These are some of the patients receiving their Pro-Bono cataract surgeries from the programme at Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre.
林医生是 “让希望活下去”慈善团体的一份子,这些是受惠的老人们以及义工们。